A Madeline animated movie?

I wish for an animated Madeline movie a lot! I grew up with this series and wanted to interpret it as a full-length feature. Here is a bit of what I imagine it to look like. I feel like I'm just beginning to get to the look of it, so it's kind of an ongoing project. I think a large scale Madeline film should feel like a mix of Amélie (whimsical), Coraline (quirky), and Tangled (magical) in mood... with a soundtrack by Yann Tiersen as well as lots of great accordion tunes! Now I just need to go to Paris 

Mock poster painting of the girls "leaving the house at half past nine"

"We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other"

"Where's Genevieve?"

And here is my grad wall! If I had more time I would have gone all-out and added vines, streetlamps, and maybe a fake gramophone. But I'm happy with the way it turned out :D


Long time no update, I'm on tumblr most of the time nowadays!
In the spirit of Halloween month, here are some witchy girl sketches~


Surfing cats

An illustration inspired by summer weather and my love of cats. I don't know how to surf, but drawing this made me wish I did!


Guess who just started watching Sailor Moon? :)
I can't believe I missed out on this show when I was a kid. I think I would've been crazy about it; even at age 4 I used to draw lots of girls in dresses and jewels.
Here's a quick illustration I did that I had floating around in my head.. I am always indecisive as to whether I prefer flat or painterly style, so I switch it up a lot. I think it doesn't matter as long as I have fun with it!



Character updates

Here is a lineup of characters I designed a couple of terms ago for an Egyptian twist on the Sleeping Beauty story. I'm thinking of making the "Scorpion Queen" (aka Maleficent) more evil-looking. Working on updating some new story beats in the meantime!

And some fast sketches of reptilian pirates :D One of the heads in there is from Rango...


Rembrandt Master Copy

This blog is kind of all over the place... excuse the mess! But I just realized how I never posted one of my favorite paintings I did and wanted to share it, cause I'm super proud of it! It's a master copy of Rembrandt's "Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem". The final painting isn't that big - about 23" high - so all the little details had to be done with toothpicks. I finished it in Richard Houston's summer painting workshop a few terms ago. Oil on panel and took about 2 months!


Let's go for a ride!

A quick illustration inspired by Pascal Campion and my trip to Venice!



This is a piece I started one day and ended up getting carried away with. I started out drawing just the sailor cat and then thought it would look cool with some cat mermaids. The composition looked too "balanced" so then I threw in jellycat too. Word play fun! I'm thinking of putting together a children's book with this theme when I get some free time :D


Girl's Best Friend

A little girl and her wolf pup!
I admit I've been neglecting this blog because I've recently gotten addicted to Tumblr :D If you've got one and would like to follow me, I'm at vivedessins.tumblr.com!



I saw a cool hairdo on Pinterest and used it as a chance to try out some different Photoshop brushes!