Car sketchin'

Some marker sketches from the 2013 Car Classic which I threw into Photoshop and fiddled with. I wish I could have drawn all the cars because there were sooo many cool ones. But I took lots of photos! The chrome DecoPod Scooter is my favorite.


Watercolor sketches

What a dead blog! I should get in the habit of updating whenever I finish a piece. Thanks to my followers for still dropping by :)

With so much digital work at school I feel like I haven't painted in ages; that's gotta change soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share some long-overdue sketches I did when I was in Venice last year. Long story short, I've never visited a place that made me want to paint 24/7 like this one does. 

The fish market that opens every morning at 6am, with seagulls surrounding the back dock waiting for scraps of fish thrown out by the vendors. The red awnings were beautiful, and it was a challenge to capture the light hitting them front and back.

 Sculpture detail from the side of the Santa Maria della Salute

The above two are the same towers done from the side and front, while the sun was beginning to set. It was right near a canal where a wedding was taking place - in gondolas!

San Rocco - did you know John Singer Sargent painted here too? Needless to say it felt very surreal to be sitting in the same spot he did, seeing what he had seen a century ago. I tried very hard to channel that same energy he has in his paintings. An impossible task, but nothing some more brush mileage can't fix!


Morning Roses

Digital life painting practice using some roses from my yard


Gouache Landscapes

Done at the Arboretum and Descanso Gardens
Gouache on illustration board and finished in Photoshop


Les Miserables fanart

Cosette and Marius, pencil on Moleskine
The whole movie was just amazing and epic and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack!