Character updates

Here is a lineup of characters I designed a couple of terms ago for an Egyptian twist on the Sleeping Beauty story. I'm thinking of making the "Scorpion Queen" (aka Maleficent) more evil-looking. Working on updating some new story beats in the meantime!

And some fast sketches of reptilian pirates :D One of the heads in there is from Rango...


Rembrandt Master Copy

This blog is kind of all over the place... excuse the mess! But I just realized how I never posted one of my favorite paintings I did and wanted to share it, cause I'm super proud of it! It's a master copy of Rembrandt's "Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem". The final painting isn't that big - about 23" high - so all the little details had to be done with toothpicks. I finished it in Richard Houston's summer painting workshop a few terms ago. Oil on panel and took about 2 months!


Let's go for a ride!

A quick illustration inspired by Pascal Campion and my trip to Venice!