This is a piece I started one day and ended up getting carried away with. I started out drawing just the sailor cat and then thought it would look cool with some cat mermaids. The composition looked too "balanced" so then I threw in jellycat too. Word play fun! I'm thinking of putting together a children's book with this theme when I get some free time :D


  1. A friend sent me your link (after a horrible few weeks in my life left me exhausted) and I smiled like I've not smiled in FOREVER looking at your Catfish!!!
    My dear, thank you.......Live out every dream you have as an artist. Follow your heart and gut. This would make a great children's book. I could even see spin off into plush toy Catfish.....

    1. Aww! Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. I'm glad it could cheer you up like that. I'll definitely continue doing this type of work!

      Um plush toy mercats sound AMAZING, it's never even crossed my mind. I'll have to think about making some soon! :D